FAQ about our Traybakes

What is the difference between a Tiffin Cake or a Traybake?
Our tiffin can either be ordered as a ‘cake’ or a ‘traybake’. The tiffin cakes are made in a 6” round foil dish, then displayed in a 6” box with a window to keep them safe – this is then posted in a 7” square box, which should fit through your letter box! If you order a Tiffin Traybake, then the tiffin is made in an 8” square foil dish, and posted in an 8” postal box.

What is tiffin?
Tiffin is also known as a ‘Fridge Cake’, and is made with biscuits, golden syrup and chocolate which is melted together and left to cool in the fridge. Ours is made with a layer of tiffin mix on the bottom, a filling in the middle (which gives the tiffin its’ flavour) and chocolate on top.

How long does my Tiffin last for?
When you order your tiffin, it will last for approximately one week, and will stay freshest if it’s kept in the fridge!

What are in your brownies?
Our brownies are made from good quality chocolate, to give them a rich flavour, and are baked just enough to keep them slightly gooey! They are then topped in a rich chocolate covering, and topped in your choice of chocolate pieces!

How long will my brownie last for?
Once it has been ordered, the brownie will last for around three to four days, and is best kept stored in an air tight pot, and any edges are covered to prevent air getting to them!

What is your most popular traybake?
Our Salted Caramel Tiffin is by far the most popular traybake, which consists of a Tiffin base, Salted Caramel filling and covered in chocolate. We have to make double the amount of Salted Caramel Tiffin per week than any other flavour, to keep up with the demands!

Do you ever do Seasonal Flavours?
Yes we do! Our favourite time of year is Easter when we get to add Mini Eggs and Creme Eggs into the mix, but we are always coming up with new flavours so keep up to date on our Facebook page!