Welcome to our FAQ page!

How long in advance do I need to order my Traybake to get it delivered?

We require four working days notice to get a traybake delivered, but if you need it quicker than that then please drop us a message to make sure we can do it for you!

How does the Traybake stay safe when posted?

The traybakes are sent in the foil tray they are baked in, and then wrapped in cellophane to keep them safe. The box they are posted in is a sturdy postage box, which is only slightly larger than the traybake. The foil tray is kept secure with bubble wrap and to stop it moving in transit.

What is the size of the traybake?
The traybake is roughly the size of an A5 page, and feeds around 8 guests.

What do I do if I have an allergy?

If you have an allergy to anything, please contact us before ordering to make sure the product is safe for you to eat. All our bakes are made in an environment where eggs, gluten, soya, milk, sulphites, nuts and peanuts are used on a daily basis.

Do the traybakes contain nuts?

Even if the traybake is not nut flavoured, please be aware that we do use nuts on a daily basis in the shop – mainly peanuts, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts – so there may be traces.

What is tiffin?
Tiffin is also known as a ‘Fridge Cake’, and is made with biscuits, golden syrup and chocolate which is melted together and left to cool in the fridge. Ours is made with a layer of tiffin mix on the bottom, a filling in the middle (which gives the tiffin its’ flavour) and chocolate on top.

How long does my Tiffin last for?
When you order your tiffin, it will last for approximately one week, and will stay freshest if it’s kept in the fridge!

What are in your brownies?
Our brownies are made from good quality chocolate, to give them a rich flavour, and are baked just enough to keep them slightly gooey!

What is your most popular traybake?
Our Salted Caramel Tiffin is by far the most popular traybake, which consists of a Tiffin base, Salted Caramel filling and covered in chocolate. We have to make double the amount of Salted Caramel Tiffin per week than any other flavour, to keep up with the demands!

How do I eat my Traybake?

If the traybake is kept cool then it should just ‘pop’ out of the foil tin ready for eating. If you want it to come out in one piece, put the tray in the freezer for 10 minutes and peel the foil away from the bake. If you just want to get stuck in, grab a spoon and go for it!