About our Shop

GlamoRose Cakes HQ is a cupcake boutique based in Wiltshire, where we bake all the cakes to be posted! We have had the shop for over six years, and have been selling to happy customers locally in the area who have ordered to collect from the shop. The launch of this website marks the start of sending our cupcakes across the country, and we are very excited for them to be enjoyed by lots more happy customers!

GlamoRose HQ is a lovely little shop with a beautiful shop front which is always decorated for the season – where you can come in and buy cakes, treats, cake toppers and accessories, and you can also order cakes for birthdays and celebrations to collect at a later date. Out the bake is where all the magic happens.. we have three commercial mixers, as well as three commercial ovens, and everything we sell is hand made by our special ‘Cake Fairies’!! We are able to make orders as large as you like – our ovens can bake 150 cupcakes in only 20 minutes, and we have a whole cupboard full of buttercream which is topped up weekly. All our cupcake fairies are passionate about cake, as well as fussy about quality, and we have very high standards for customer service and taste bud satisfaction!

We make birthday cakes and cupcakes, tiffins and traybakes, gingerbread and brownies, wedding cake towers and favours, as well as corporate treats too, topped with edible prints of your company logo. We also sell lots of cake toppers and decoration sets which you can purchase over the counter, and are always happy to give advice if you have a cake question you need answering! We hope that this new website communicates how much we care for our customers and the quality of our products, so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

About the Business

GlamoRose cakes is a local business, started by Jessie Dennis in 2011. The company began by supplying cakes to small shops and cafes, along side running a weekly Saturday market in Newbury, with Jessie making all the cakes from home. Within the first year, Jessie’s home kitchen was quickly outgrown as hundreds of cupcakes were being made every week, so she knew it was time for a change.. GlamoRose Cakes opened its doors to its very own Cupcake Boutique in Old Town Swindon, in November 2012, where fresh cupcakes are available daily and the smell of baking is present up and down the High Street! We sold 3000 cupcakes in our first week alone, and have three full time members of staff and produce thousands of cupcakes every month.

Now we are six years in, and GlamoRose has continued to thrive. We love to celebrate every different time of year with new flavours, cake designs and exclusive products, and always decorate our cakes to match! We are really looking forward to increasing our orders and posting our traybakes across the country, and we aim to invent new flavours as we go so there is always something new to try!

We have really loved meeting all our customers and being part of the community. We love helping out people in need last minute, and being a part of so many smiles and tears as our cakes are used to celebrate so many special occasions. We really hope to continue to offer this level of service through our online shop, and can’t wait to expand our customer base, so we can make the whole country smile with a GlamoRose Cake!!

About our Tiffins

At GlamoRose we sell hundreds of slices of traybakes every week! We love the idea of a traybake, as we can make a big gooey tray of all your favourite cakes and bakes, then cut them up into chunky slabs and sell them in individual portions for you to enjoy! Some of our traybakes include: flapjacks, brownies, lemon drizzle, carrot cake, cherry bakewell, but our best seller is our Tiffins, which we make in lots of different flavours, depending on what you all fancy!

Some people aren’t sure what a Tiffin is, so here’s an explanation for you if this helps! Tiffin is also known as a ‘Fridge Cake’, and is made with biscuits, golden syrup and chocolate which is melted together and left to cool in the fridge. Traditionally it is mixed with fruit and nuts with a layer of chocolate on top, but our version of tiffin is slightly different.. We still make the same kind of base, which is slightly more truffle-like in texture than normal tiffin, and we still put a layer of chocolate on the top, but instead of fruit and nuts, we add lots of different fillings to make it a desirable treat!

We started off doing just Snickers – with a layer of peanut butter and chopped up Snickers bars, but now we have a whole variety of flavours, all which can be seen in the middle of your piece of tiffin. Some examples are : salted caramel, Oreo – with vanilla buttercream and crushed Oreos in the middle, Kinder Bueno – with Nutella and a piece of Kinder Bueno in each slice, Chocolate Mint – with a layer of mint buttercream, and Chocolate Aero Balls, and Rocky Road, with a layer of mini marshmallows mixed in with the chocolate. Our most popular to date is the Salted Caramel, but we also do seasonal flavours at different times of year, such as Mini Egg Tiffin at Easter, and these always go down well too!

The traybakes on this website are roughly the size of an A5 page, and feed roughly 8 guests. They are perfect for anyone who loves a chocolate fix, and is an easy way to order as a surprise as we welcome you to write a personalised message in the NOTE section of the checkout! Once they arrive, the traybakes last around a week, and can be kept in the fridge for freshness, so are also great if you need to order them in advance.

To summarise, if you love chocolate, or know someone who does, order them a tiffin or traybake, and enjoy every second of eating it!

About our Cupcakes

GlamoRose Cakes has been running for over seven years, and we have spent that time making sure that every single cupcake we produce is of the highest quality.  We try to make all our flavours recogniseable and look like they taste, as there is nothing worse than seeing something you fancy, and then being disappointed when you finally take a bite. We strive to make every sponge light and fluffy, every filling full of flavour, the buttercream rich and creamy, and the top drizzled in sauce, covered in sprinkles and finished off with something yummy!

We have our standard cupcake flavours which can be found on our Menu, but are always busy thinking of new combinations, and are always coming up with monthly specials to add to our ever growing list! We work really hard to make sure everything is made to taste as close to the flavour is claims to be as possible – this means that when it says its ‘Banoffee’ flavour, it has real bananas in the sponge, and toffee sauce on top. When it says ‘Coffee’, it’s made with real coffee granuals melted into both the icing and the sponge. When it says ‘Raspberry White Chocolate’, it’s raspberry coulis made with real fruit, and white chocolate drops. So you see we use ‘real’ ingredients where we can, as we believe it tastes the best and is also the best for you – there are lots of brands of flavourings out there which can be added to cakes and icing, but why would you add banana flavouring when you can add real banans. So the banoffee ones are one of your five a day… right…!?

I know cupcakes have been around for a while, and some people can’t understand the concept of them, but for us, they are little treats and guilty pleasures, used to make you feel better when times are tough, or enjoy when you have something to celebrate! They mark the occassion for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings; are a great gifts as a thank you, good luck or engagement present; and can be enjoyed with family and friends at the weekend just as a treat. Whatever the reason, cake can accompany both tea and Prosecco, tears and smiles, and there is nothing like having a whole cupcake to yourself, especially when it tastes so delicious. We have found that our cupcakes have bought people together, and selling them is all about relating to what people want and what makes them happy in life, so order a box and try them for yourself, and find an excuse to eat them and smile!

Although our cupcakes are not available to post yet, we are hoping to bring their magic into the world of traybakes, so you can enjoy their delights through your door rather than travelling to Swindon! Eventually we plan to offer a monthly subscription to customers so our new product of the month can be sent straight to you – so watch this space!!